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  • Mai Li Pittard
  • Phone: 206-327-4745
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  • Modern Poly is an activist organization dedicated to lobbying for the legal rights and protections of polyamorists and those engaging in ethical, loving, multi-partner relationships. The organization currently hosts an e-zine and polyamory group directory.
Modern Poly Press Release -

  • Emerging Polyamory Activism Organization Thanks Gingrich For Increased Publicity
  • In the weeks following Newt Gingrich's second wife, Marrianne, going public about the president hopeful's past affair and attempt to broach the possibility of an "open marriage", polyamory and alternatives to monogamy have hit the public spotlight. A new politically-charged polyamory organization responds to this publicity.
  • Website traffic for Modern Poly, a polyamory advocacy organization, increased by over 30% in the two weeks following claims by Newt Gingrich's second ...
  • February 07, 2012