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  • Formeaiken
  • 336 West, Hillside Circle, Alpine UT 84004 USA.
  • Phone: 1 (801) 216-4393
  • URL: http://miraclecushion.com
  • Miracle Cushion LLC specializes in state-of-the-art advanced cushioning technology that has been proven effective. We are one of the very few authorized distributors of Intelli-gel and Wondergel products. Our founders have been involved with Intelli-gel cushioning for over 5 years and have successfully introduced them to several international markets.
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  • Miraclecushion Announced a New Product For Traveling
  • To comprehend the complete usefulness of products such as gel seats, car seat pillow and gel seat pad, you will first need to understand the difficulties with going on long journeys.
  • For most people just the drive from their houses to offices wear them out. The stress of driving during peak hours, having to get through the trafficn ...
  • February 01, 2012