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Miracle Drywash Information
  • SJ Khebbal
  • SJK Products Ltd., James Place, Crawley, West Sussex
  • Phone: 0800 881 8062
  • URL: http://www.miracledrywash.com
  • Miracle Drywash, manufactured by SJK Products Ltd in Crawley, West Sussex, is a totally waterless washing and polishing system – a revolutionary way to both wash and polish your car, boat, motorbike, or any other metal, glass, or painted surface - with only a single application of the product. The company was founded by Mr SJ Khebbal in 2004. The product was endorsed by South East Water in 2006 and was awarded the prestigious Waterwise Marque in 2007 for its contribution towards saving water in the UK. Miracle Drywash can be purchased online at HYPERLINK "http://www.miracledrywash.com/purchase.php" http://www.miracledrywash.com/purchase.php
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