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  • Nanncy Chen
  • URL: http://www.mingsoft.com
  • MING Software safeguards public instant message use and other internet use for families, companies, schools and government organizations of all sizes around the globe. We are committed to providing corporate developers, networks administrators and IT professionals with high quality, cutting-edge technologies and products that improve the management of instant message and other internet use like email, website, ftp and so on. These products include MING Chat Monitor, MING Chat Spy, MING Network Monitor, MING Bandwidth Monitor, MING Network Spy and MING Keylogger. For more information, visit us at http://www.mingsoft.com.
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  • Warcraft Chat Monitor Supports monitoring Game Warcraft Chat
  • MINGSOFT announced an innovation software product which can monitor chat content of warcraft game.
  • HANGZHOU, ZJ - MING Software announced a new product called Warcraft Chat Monitor, which can monitor chat messages of the famous game Warcraft. Starti ...
  • September 03, 2010