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Mindgame Room Information
  • Frida Mitchell
  • 951 NE 125TH Street
  • Phone: 3059345336
  • URL: http://www.mindgameroom.com
  • MindGame Room is an interactive & intuitive real-life escape game.

    The door is locked. The clock is ticking down. There's only one way out. Fortunately for puzzle-lovers, that way is by following a complicated string of clues and riddles. But even if you're not a puzzle whiz, fear not: you won't be alone. Within each of MindGame Room's themed escape rooms, up to five players must work together, communicate, and avoid the temptation to elect a leader through lengthy public debate. If they're successful, they just might escape the room before their 60 minutes are up.
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  • Mindgame Room Opens Their 2nd Escape Room Called Sam's Tiny Playroom
  • MindGame Roomís 1st year anniversary is celebrated adding a new Escape Room Soledad Herrada, MindGame Roomís Owner is also the creative mind behind the design, planification and realization of the Escape Rooms. To celebrate MindGame Roomís 1st Anniversary, Herrada has designed her latest Escape Room, called Samís Tiny Playroom, it is as creepy as it sounds and itís officially opening July 10th, 2017!
  • North Miami, Fl.- MindGame Room, LLC opened its doors a year ago with an original Escape Room, called DarkRoom. It rapidly became a hit among the clie ...
  • July 09, 2017