Mike Lindsey announced as Major Forerunner in Spearheading Growth for Freedom 3000

Top Quote Freedom 3000 has experienced a tremendous pre-launch period and is now poised for quantum growth even in its infancy. Freedom 3000 founders combed the creme de la creme on the internet to ensure that mission will be met with flying colors. Mike Lindsey is one of a handful of gentlemen who found himself on the shortlist but it is now official. End Quote
    QuoteWhatever dream you conceive and while in pursuit of it you believe then exactly that you will achieve!Quote
  • Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY (1888PressRelease) March 17, 2009 - Freedom 3000 kicked off its pre-launch extravaganza with grandiose hoopla that was much deserved. Unprecedented numbers poured in exceeding early projections by a landslide.

    Once the smoke cleared, the mission of steering this internet portal Queen Mary Cunard liner rested squarely on the shoulders of a handful of men of whom Mike Lindsey is one. This 2 x 2 forced follow me matrix makes its maiden voyage with great expectations. The Freedom 3000 founders sifted through the fine granular sands known as the online marketing community talent base seeking specific personnel for each top dog calling. Mike was chosen for his sparkling record and pedigree in the internet marketing and recruitment sectors. His stellar best 5 ranking in no less than four previous mega-internet marketing models since 2003 made him a shoo-in for this worthy appointment.

    During the gala apres event festivities, one reporter queried Mr. Lindsey regarding his vision for the long anticipated launch of Freedom 3000. Mike quipped,"I've waited a long time for this. All I can say is all those aboard better buckle in tight and prepare for the ride of their lives!" Mike Lindsey also energetically added that what made this so special was the advanced and comprehensive programming that went into this to virtually guarantee success for any neophyte who has fallen hard on previous forays into the internet marketing arena.

    "The work at home and making money online areas have left a lot of carnage along the internet highway while securing a gradually deteriorating reputation at the same time. Many of my colleagues and I have conferred about this very dilemma for some time and when I was called upon to take a look at this...well,let's just say I knew it was my calling especially once I had a chance to conduct detailed scrutiny.The exciting 411 on Freedom 3000 was echoing down the hallways ahead of me long before I had a chance to see it. I am absolutely convinced that it will live up to its tall billing with no doubt. To be one of the very select few positioned at Ground Zero and given the keys to such a phenomenal project and challenge in one fell swoop is what you play this game for!", Mike Lindsey was quoted saying in closing.

    Mike will be specifically responsible for spearheading advertising and marketing along with two other reknowned peers. He will also be heading training site and support documentation and his personal favorite area of expertise:recruitment and training development.

    Apparently Freedom 3000 encompasses a vast array of marketing products that stand alone would cost almost 3 x the price of admission which is only a one-time $1000 + $200 admin fee. The newbie also has the luxury of approx. 8 hands-free marketing engines that work with the push of a button. Other exciting features incl. 5 x a week payouts, a 24/7 control panel to track cycling downlines and commission, 5 x a week LIVE webinars, sales centre to close prospects for you (for a very nominal fee), internal email clients and newsletters,and so much more.

    It strikes this writer that they have NOT left out any detail. I'm told the most exhilirating benefit-besides empowering the previously daunted newbie with a model hard-wired for success- is the synergistic power of the 2x2 forced follow me matrix that sees every participant's matrix garnering help from above and below as well as side-by-side!! The potential spillover that everyone in your matrix ( upline and downline) can possibly enjoy is staggering if each person simply brings just TWO people who in turn do exactly the same.

    One passerby making his egress from the night's fun was overheard saying ,"This will be the mother of all home-based cash generating models hands-down!"

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