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Midwest Softwash And Pressure Wash Information
  • Mike Newhart
  • 3345 Shelby Ave, Mattoon, IL
  • Phone: 217-218-6453
  • URL: http://www.midwestsoftwash.com
  • Midwest Softwash & Pressure Wash was started to provide roof cleaning solutions that were practical and effective. Midwest Softwash & Pressure Wash is one of the only pressure washing and roof cleaning companies in the area certified to use a unique, non-pressure soft washing technique. Our soft washing is totally safe for your tile, metal, wood or asphalt roof. We also use it to provide homeowners with other services such as siding cleaning, gutter cleaning, and more. Any area of your home that is sensitive to high pressure can benefit from a soft cleaning treatment by Midwest Softwash & Pressure Wash. For more information please visit www.midwestsoftwash.com.
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