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  • Midwest International Shipping
  • 2540 W. Bradley Place, Chicago, IL
  • Phone: 773-564-4598
  • URL: http://www.midwest-international.com/
  • MIS provides a streamlined process for helping people move overseas. The complexity of international logistics is not something anyone can simply learn overnight. MIS arranges the details of international shipping and logistics for customers to make the process as fast and cost effective as possible. A network of partners in 96 countries allows goods to arrive and be processed faster by local agents who know the country's policies.

    The process of insurance and valuation protects and replaces items if anything happens to them. Packing services keep items protected from damage and organized so customers can unpack them easier when they arrive.
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  • Midwest International Shipping Streamlines Moving Overseas With Time-Saving Website
  • International Moving Company, Midwest International Shipping, Cuts Down the Time Needed to Verify and Validate Their Reputation in Order to Allow Customers to Come to a Decision Faster. The website includes third-party verification of the company's qualifications, licenses, bonds, and feedback from customers who've used the international moving company successfully.
  • The process of choosing an international moving company to transport things from one country to another can often take longer than the actual move its ...
  • February 11, 2011