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  • Summers
  • 110 Torbay Road Suite 2, Toronto Ontario
  • URL: http://www.midorispring.com
  • Midori Spring Ltd is dedicated to producing the finest organic tea products available today. Their Matcha powder comes only from organic tea leaves, picked at precisely the right moment and ground to the finest, freshest powder that is always free of any additives or preservatives. With its fresh and earthy taste and scent and bright green shade, their certified green tea is known as some of the highest quality matcha powder available today.
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  • Midori Spring Launches Redesigned Site And New Product ECO Class Matcha Powder
  • Affordable new matcha green tea powder is made for baking and drink mixes, while the new website is redesigned to improve customer experience, Midori Spring reports.
  • TORONTO - Ready to meet the growing demand for culinary grade matcha, Midori Spring has launched a brand new product at the company's newly redesigned ...
  • March 10, 2016