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  • Today Michael Rotkin's top - Search Engine Internet Marketing Firm in Las Vegas Nevada is his pride and joy, as he works his Seo madness day to day for his private clients. What makes his company special, unlike other Seo Firms, is he works on the clients projects as being a 9 year Seo vetran.

    Michael Rotkin has worked on 150+ projects, in over 30 different industries building some from scratch and others taking to record breaking levels in sales and lead generation. His motivation is to "controlling traffic" in any given industry to create new opportunities for the small businesses to gain ground over the larger businesses.

    For website owners looking to for seo services or help with their online website, please go to and fill out the free quote consult form.
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  • Michael Rotkin CEO of Just Made a Few Large Purchases on His Birthday
  • Michael Rotkin, CEO / SEO Expert just acquired some large INternet Marketing Online Businesses over last weeks private sale. Michael Rotkin is known to be involved in over 250 SEO-Internet Marketing Blogs and Domains. He is a pioneer and a "unique mind" says Tony, Owner of at BlogWorld in Las Vegas last month.
  • October 06, 2008