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  • Founded by clinician and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Joseph Mercola, is the internet’s #1-ranked natural health website.
    Dr. Mercola established the website with the mission to educate people about the current medical system that focuses on covering up or removing symptoms with so-called “solutions” like drugs and surgery. Instead, Dr. Mercola believes in informing the public about the true underlying causes of illness and providing them real insights and solutions to prevent and cure diseases.

    Over 1.2 million people, including 25,000 health care professionals, currently receive the website’s free e-mail health newsletter, which is loaded with practical health and wellness information covering such areas as nutrition, medicine, lifestyle choices and emotional therapy. Over 6 million pages are viewed monthly by those with health questions.

    You can claim your complimentary copy of Dr. Mercola’s report: How to Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations of All Kinds at this link:
Mercola Press Release -

  • Dr. Mercola Announces Mercury-Free Dentistry Week
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola and Consumers for Dental Choice are pairing in this week-long event to help increase awareness of the health and environmental dangers of mercury dental fillings.
  • September 01, 2011
  • Launches Eye Support Formula with Lutein
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola, the natural health expert and bestselling author who founded, stresses the importance of eye health support for those over 55 years old or belonging to one of these risk groups: smokers, the overweight, Caucasians, and females.
  • November 27, 2010