Memphis Sound Entertainment Announces Licensing Agreement For

Top Quote Memphis Sound Entertainment Announces Licensing Agreement From Consumer First For Exclusive Use Of DELTAHIGWAY.COM Top Level Domain Name. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) January 18, 2009 - Memphis, TN - Memphis Sound Entertainment announced today an exclusive Licensing Agreement with Consumer First company for use of the DELTAHIGHWAY.COM Top Level Domain Name. The name will be strictly utilized for the ongoing promotional interests of the Delta Highway country band, based in Memphis and Nashville. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

    "We had initially intended to make this announcement with the release of the new record currently in production, but with the recent announcement by Dhone Johnson of Consumer First, we decided to go ahead and make it official" states D'Lynn Schrack, Project Management Consultant to the company. "Consumer First procured the asset from a third party vendor who had a long-standing delinquent client account / licensee utilizing the domain. According to documents and affidavits we've reviewed, that previous licensee made statements abdicating responsibility and claim stating 'Case Closed.' Subsequently, that domain - along with several very notable entertainment names - was offered for sale - a normal, customary, and reasonable modus operandi of any Intellectual Property firm. The Consumer First company added those assets to its current domain catalogue holdings, in turn licensing the name to Memphis Sound Entertainment."

    According to documents and audio recordings reviewed, the incorporation and activation of those legally acquired assets brought threats from the previous licensee and new 'pseudo' manager against no fewer than 3 associates, including Woody Degan, who has extensive experience in Intellectual Property Management. Yet, In good faith - and contrary to the advice of cousel pursuant to threats - Mr. Degan attempted to negotiate an amicable solution to the disagreement, but as threats continued and increased in both number and intensity, counsel advised ceasing any and all contact and negotiations.

    Degan calls it "20/20 hindsight with blinders on - ineffective and/or ignorant management - call it whatever you want. Statements made that the mark was "registered," weren't true either. That's just irresponsible. I'm 100% certain Consumer First exercised all due diligence normal, customary, and reasonable in the registration of the federal Trademark, for protection of its assets." Consumer First, and its associates, have managed intellectual property for Major Record Labels, Historic Local Labels, Artists, and clients across the country. Again, Degan provided both email and recorded documentation which confirmed his assertions.

    Degan teaches college level courses at well-respected institutions internationally, on topics including Intellectual Property Management, Marketing, and Music Business Administration, et al. "This is just one more case study that I'll incorporate into my curriculum" he says. "My goal is to prepare students to 'FIRST take care of YOUR business.' It's a whole new world of digital rights management out there and it's evolving every day, every hour. It's an ongoing process. Prior use simply does not create legal standing. I've been there. There are a plethora of USPTO (United States Patent Trademark Office) legal cases and decisions that substantiate that. I can name ten or so off of the top of my head. Wishing it so doesn't make it so. This ain't Kansas and you ain't Dorothy," he adds with a grin. "This is the real world. There are avenues for administration.."

    Degan says he's been on both sides of the Intellectual Property Rights issue, "some with desireable outcomes, and others that were disappointments," a fact that he says "encouraged me to educate myself." Now he's a consultant and teacher on the topic. "Perhaps they should enroll in college" he says, "and come to one of my classes, or seminars...I'll waive the fee."

    Memphis Sound Entertainment is currently in production with a record for Delta Highway™. There will be an press release posted at that time. In the interim, you may visit www.Delta for additional information and updates.

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