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  • Medigoo Oy Inc. was founded in 2007. Our ambition has been to deliver information to all consumers for free.
    The company is owned by private individuals, and we are proud to have come this far with our own efforts.
    We give credit to all the interns we have had during these years. They have been extremely capable to make a difference.
    Our next steps will focus on some commercial topics, so that we can keep expanding the article base and have the content remain free for consumers.
Medigoo Press Release -

  • Is a Winner of the 2015 Red Herring Global 100 Award
  • The start-up company from Finland/Europe announced it has been selected a Winner of the Red Herring's Global 100 award.
  • One of our greatest achievement of this year is that was selected as a Winner of the Red Herring Top 100 Global Award.

    It w ...
  • February 06, 2016