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  • MediaPlasm is a social media marketing firm that specializes in helping entertainment and content brands get their message to the social media. Through a combination of human intelligence and savvy technology we find the right strategy for your brand to connect socially.
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  • MIT Technology Group, Corp Announces The Release Of myRMX For iPhone, & iPod Touch Los Angeles, CA Aug 3, 2010
  • Get Ready To Become Addicted To Remixing Music! myRMX is an evolutionary mobile music remixing app for iPhone and iPod Touch (iOS4) that allows users to remix songs using samples from the original recording session by the original artist. Free Download at
  • Mobile software developer, MIT Technology Group, Corp. announces the launch of myRMX , "a.k.a My Remix", for iPhone and iPod Touch. myRMX brilliantly ...
  • August 04, 2010