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  • Pete Clayton
  • Lancashire (UK) / Isle of Man
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  • Media Weavers is a design studio based dually in Lancashire, England & the Isle of Man.

    - Media Weavers is a new & traditional media design studio.

    - Media Weavers is Clive, Pete & a few more select hands.

    - Media Weavers is treading a path through this new technological revolution.

    We offer advertising, content, design, promotions, publishing & hosting.

    We are here to help your business, or the charity you support.
Media Weavers Press Release -

  • Live Dubstep in Preston Each Friday
  • Suspicious Tiger Recordings presents Hubba Dubba: A weekly dubstep night which opens on Fridays in Preston (UK) at Jalgos.
  • September 24th marks the opening night of Suspicious Tiger Recordings' live dubstep & dance promotion, Hubba Dubba.

    The first night fea ...
  • September 16, 2010
  • Media Weavers Launch Hubba Dubba Dub Step Night
  • Media Weavers announce opening night of upcoming Lancashire dance & dub step night Hubba Dubba on behalf of Suspicious Tiger recordings.
  • Media Weavers design studio has announced the opening night of Hubba Dubba on its blog & over its Twitter feed with the release of a promotional poste ...
  • September 09, 2010