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Media Thrasher Information
  • Whilly Bermudez
  • 1825 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Miami, Fl
  • Phone: 800-8231240
  • 'MEDIA THRASHER' is quickly becoming a recognized name as one of the most powerful advertising platforms to date. Media Thrasher combines media that simultaneously deploys as a broadcast campaign with just a click of the mouse. Studies show that more & more people are shopping, reading, researching, and being entertained on the internet and leaving print newspapers & magazines behind. Today, we depend on our inboxes and social media far more than ever before.

    MEDIA THRASHER is unique, potent, and considered a %u2018High Impact Media Blitz%u2019. Media Thrasher was created by Renowned Marketer Whilly Bermudez to easily reach massive amounts of potential customers without having to turn to PR & Advert
Media Thrasher Press Release
  • The Marketing Firm Looks to Crown "America's Cupcake Queen" 2011
  • As part of market research and ongoing social media campaigns, the Marketing Firm that set forth the 2010 Business Challenge and America's Best Photographer Contest, Whilly Bermudez Media- continues its "America's Best" series with a nationwide 'Social Media Contest' to crown "America's Cupcake Queen 2011".
  • March 14, 2011