Marketing Yourself And Your Forever Living Products Business Through Attraction And Articles

Top Quote Today I'm going to be talking about two topics, the first is something I think each and everyone of you should be applying to your Forever Living Products business, which is attraction marketing, and the 2nd is an advanced marketing method - article marketing - which you can choose to use IF you want to use. It's not necessary or required so I want to make it clear, especially to those of you who. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 01, 2009 - So the title of this training is Marketing Yourself And Your Forever Living Products business Through Attraction And Articles.

    Let me explain first what I mean about marketing yourself.

    When you're in a home based business, a direct sales business like we have here, and if and when you're focusing on building a team and helping distributors get started here, you have to understand that your prospects are not buying a product or joining your Forever Living Products business. They are buying YOU. The way YOU act and behave in your interactions is going to lead to your results, and whether people join you or not.

    Simply put, if you are not having the success you want, you need to take a close look at yourself. Perhaps you're not focusing on what's most important to your prospect.

    Your prospect is looking to follow a leader. They want to work with someone who can show them how to succeed. They should be impressed with you first, then impressed with the products your Forever Living Products business model. In fact, if you're doing this correctly, you may have people join you who don't even have a good idea of what the product or your Forever Living Products business is, because they wasn't the basis of their decision.

    So really, you need to market YOURSELF in order to achieve big success. Which means that you need to lead with your personality, your confidence and your posture when speaking with your prospects.

    If you go out there and immediately talk about your products or how fantastic your Forever Living Products business is, you will run people off faster than you can blink. People don't want to know that first and foremost. They want to know you, they want to know if they like you, if they can trust you, and if you will help them be successful.

    Now you can be that person even if you're brand new to the Forever Living Products business. It could be your first day, and all you need to do is KNOW in your heart of hearts that you have something so valuable to offer people and go out there with the mindset that you can help others with what we have. Even if you have no idea how to do the Forever Living Products business, know what you have is a SYSTEM, a support and training system that will teach and coach everyone who plugs into it, to success.

    When you get on the phone you need to be in the proper mindset. You need to know you've got it goin' on...that doesn't mean you have to be arrogant or boastful, but you simply want to be confident, cheerful, excited and personable.

    Again, your prospect is first and foremost judging YOU, not your product or your Forever Living Products business. If you do not go into your calls with a certain level of confidence you will NEVER even get the chance to show your prospect the product or the Forever Living Products business.

    Therefore, each and every time before you start making your prospecting calls, make sure your mindset is in place. You should be feeling: happy, confident, excited, relaxed, expectant and joyful in the moment.

    If you are feeling frustrated, unsure, wishy washy, angry, fearful, or any other negative emotion DO NOT GET ON THE PHONE.

    We say all the time that mindset is 80-90% of the Forever Living Products business. The reason is because everything you're thinking and feeling comes across in your tone of voice, the words you choose, and how you react and respond to others. If you're calm and relaxed and confident, your natural personality will flow and people will connect with you.

    If you're not, you will seem stilted, nervous, robotic and fearful. No one will join your Forever Living Products business no matter how incredible it is, if you're acting in that negative way. Because people won't give you the benefit of the doubt. If you sound down, they are going to immediately assume that it's because of your Forever Living Products business. They don't know, and at this point they don't care if you had a bad day, you're feeling poorly, you just had a family crisis.

    So you absolutely have to be in the proper mindset when you get on the phone.

    So, when you do get on the phone, sell yourself first. Show your prospects what a great person you are, simply in your voice, your posture. It's a first call business don't let a bad day or a stray negative thought ruin what you could your next distributor your next 1000 sale, your next 4500 sale and so on.

    So that is, in a nutshell, attraction marketing, as it pertains to that initial call to your prospect. You can also use this strategy in social networking, on facebook and so forth, by putting yourself out there so people can get to know you. Lots of pictures, showing what fun you're having in life, in your Forever Living Products business that's a whole other training in itself but I think you get the point, which is you are really selling YOU. Everything else is secondary.

    That's another reason why personal development courses and the conferences are so vital to your success, because you will grow as a person and therefore be much happier and confident, and that will automatically help your Forever Living Products business.

    Now I'd like to talk a bit about a more advanced method of advertising, and that is. To be continued on our website

    Henry Smith has been a successful entrepreneur for over 5 years. His mission is to help others achieve success working from home around their families. Learn more about Henry and his business.


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