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  • James Salerno
  • 759 S. Broadway St , Akron, OH
  • Phone: 800-858-9395
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  • MarketHATCH Pharma rebate and coupon patient acquisition programs benefit patients, providers, pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Increase Patient Acquisition through Mail-In Programs, Electronic Adjudication Programs, Pharmacy Check Program and Web-Based coupon and rebate pharmaceutical Programs. Our comprehensive patient acquisition and pharmacy check programs will increase patient compliance by lowering patient drug acquisition costs.
Markethatch Press Release -

  • MarketHATCH Rebates Announces Patient Acquisition Programs
  • MarketHATCH Patient Acquisition Programs benefit patients, providers,pharmacists and manufacturers. Our coupon and rebate programs are cost effective, easily implemented and impacted. We always have our focus on agreat patient experience.
  • MarketHATCH specializes in coupon redemption programs patients turnkey procurement and materials. With a record 15 successful years, MarketHATCH helps ...
  • January 15, 2011