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  • The Games division in Marian Computer Consulting is a international games development team with headquarter in Austria - near Vienna. We focus on development of "Serious Games" specially on mobile platforms (currently Apple iPhone/iPad).
    We are a small innovative team that has the objective to revolutionize the usage of Apps on mobile devices. Beside adults, we want to specially inspire children according to the motto "are you still playing or already learning?" - the ideas is to train and perfect skills in an exciting and entertaining manner.
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  • iLogic-Crimes - The Exciting Logic & Detective iPad App Globally Released
  • iLogic Crimes is a stunning innovative Logic Game hat combines brainteasers with a detective adventure. It is a new way of mental exercise and brain-traning with fun! The German Version is already available since end of 2011 and was ranked as #'1 iPad Game in Germany and Austria! Now, the new international version of iLogic-Crimes is available globally on Appstore in English.
  • iLogic-Crimes it is an exciting and demanding BRAIN-GAME, that combines brainteasers with a detective adventure - we call this new genre "Quick-Logic- ...
  • April 18, 2012