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Mania Information
  • Wentworth M. Johnson
  • Mania Boston, MA
  • Phone: 18005551234
  • URL: http://www.wentworth-m-johnson.com
  • Wentworth M Johnson has worked extensively on international projects concerning international communications and as navigator with 1125 Marine Craft unit. He moved to Canada after leaving the Royal Air Force in 1967 and worked in lumber and munitions before landing a job at a local television station. He spent twenty-eight years there before retiring early in 2000 to concentrate on his writing.
Mania Press Release -


  • A Riveting Mystery from Wentworth M. Johnson
  • 'Mania' is the thrilling second book in author Wentworth M. Johnson's series of Bill Reyner Mystery Adventures.
  • William Reyner is a would-be private eye taking law classes at the local college. One day in late spring, a human skull is found near his residence. S ...
  • February 21, 2014