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Magic Buttoner Llc Information
  • Chris Glaub
  • 4324 10th street East Moline,IL
  • Phone: 3097922482
  • URL:
  • We make buttoners for the use by Disabledor Over weight people. Very unique and revolutionary. They allow for one-handed buttoning. They are made from high grade stainless steel and will never break or wear out. Patented on design and method. Enviromentaly freindly allowing buttoning of older or smaller clothes. Providing reuse minumizes waste
Magic Buttoner Llc Press Release -

  • Magic Buttoner Company Receives Patent
  • Magic Buttoner LLC receives patent for designing a revolutionary buttoner. Magic Buttoner offers solutions for hard to button clothes.
  • Magic Buttoner LLC, 4324 10th Street East Moline, IL provides relief for tight fitting jeans. Someone who is hampered by the use ...
  • October 24, 2009