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M.a. Belarj Information
  • M.A. Belarj
  • 123 Windwatch Dr
  • Phone: 5169722360
  • URL: http://www.spirilet.com
  • M. A. Belarj has lived many lives without having to reincarnate.
    Born in a Berber village in the North African Atlas Mountains, M. A. Belarj learned French, Arabic, English, and Spanish. He has lived in Casablanca, Paris, Madrid, and Riyadh, and now in lives in suburban New York.
    He spent years when he barely had enough to eat, and other years in lavish, seven-star hotels and first-class lounges.
    He has occupied senior executive positions in Blue Chip companies such as MasterCard, and he started up a few businesses as well. He spent precious moments with blue-collar workers and other moments schmoozing with the most powerful people of our time.
M.a. Belarj Press Release -


  • Announcing the Release of Spirilet, a Suspenseful New Novel
  • M.A. Belarj, a new name in the fantasy genre, has released his first novel, Spirilet. Paranormal, mystery, fantasy, and thriller elements abound in the suspenseful tale about a man named Joe and a doll that is struck by lightning-and comes alive.
  • M.A. Belarj recently released Spirilet, a suspenseful novel with many literary elements. This is his debut novel and he is excited to share Spirilet w ...
  • June 27, 2015