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  • Andrea Jabornik
  • URL: http://www.loeffler-bewegen.com
  • Developing the innovative ERGO TOP technology has allowed furniture maker Löffler to create seating which moves and to design new shapes, thus meeting the demand for well-designed, long-lasting, handcrafted masterpieces affording the discerning user optimum comfort: furniture that moves, by Löffler.
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  • The Art Of Seating From The 1970s By GunterBeltzig: A Limited Edition
  • Löffler Edition: the Art of Seating by GünterBeltzig will be produced in a limited edition of 399 - as a treasured collector's item.
  • The seating sculpture von GünterBeltzig that became famous as the "Pegasus" is a masterpiece of artistic workmanship and about 20 items were produced ...
  • October 04, 2011