Hip Hop Heavyweight Lil Flip Signs On For The Joslyn James Remix

Top Quote The New Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Scores With Multi Platinum Selling Artist. End Quote
    Quote When I first met Monroe he was doing some funky concepts that nobody knew would go or not, but I liked his energy and his go get it persona. I let him use my store for shooting and we started to cross promote his ideas. We definitely became friends first and the rest is history. Quote
  • Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA (1888PressRelease) August 16, 2011 - Life is beautiful because we have the power to create, the power to set trends and the power to be an opportunist. What would we do without people that use their talent to make you feel good. I can't remember a time when someone mixed porn with music and made it so cool. When you watch or hear about porn the words cool and creative doesn't come to mind. The only thought you have is sex and that is about as far as it goes, until now.

    Kenneth Monroe aka "The New Fresh Prince of Bel Air" gave fans a whole new outlook on the porn industry. He also made a stamp on the industry in many ways than one. Whoever said you had to be a porn star in order to make money from the porn business. It's called brilliant marketing and not being afraid to try it.

    "I'm not afraid to try anything when it comes to my career and being the best. I don't believe in would of, could of and should of. As long as I get the opportunity I will try it." (Monroe)

    Monroe and Joslyn James were friends before the record but he still had to sell her on the marketing campaign's concept.

    "He is a man of his word and when we met I knew he had something special. He has a great eye and he knows how I feel about it." (Joslyn James) Legendary Porn Star

    Joslyn was not the only one Monroe had to convince. Hollywood Blvd's Bizzy B CEO Beatrice Prochazka noticed Monroe's business skills years ago when they first got acquainted.

    "When I first met Monroe he was doing some funky concepts that nobody knew would go or not, but I liked his energy and his go get it persona. I let him use my store for shooting and we started to cross promote his ideas. We definitely became friends first and the rest is history." (Bizzy B) CEO

    The main reason Monroe has earned major respect around the world is because he never settles. His ability to capture the energy from people is a God given talent that's hard to come by. The original Joslyn James song and music video received a tremendous amount of positive feedback. Media wrote articles, posted the video on the front page of their homepage website, magazines called, fans loved it and the video received thousands of views on opening day.

    "The video was a smooth slow jam and had lots of sex appeal. Watching parts of the video being shot in my store then hearing the sound added gave the video a whole different mood." (Bizzy B) CEO

    Monroe's goal for the project was to attract enough buzz that a mainstream artist would want to join him on the remix. Mission accomplished

    " I had a few mainstream artists that wanted to get on the remix because of the buzz. I let my talent speak for itself. Talent is something you can't lie about, you either have it or you don't. Talent alone don't get you to the top. You have to present the full package, the vision and the ability to produce. Selling yourself is the key to life." (Monroe)

    Welcome to Houston Texas and get ready to witness Southern hospitality from Multi Platinum selling artist and down South legend Lil Flip. He has a music resume that Monroe is aiming to achieve one day. It says allot when you convince a person to work with you that has sold millions of records, millions of ring tones, and produced number one videos on MTV/BET/VH1. Monroe worked his magic once again and not to mention he grew up listening to Lil Flip. You might wonder what made Lil Flip commit to the project.

    "I was interested in doing the song because it was different and out the box as far as the concept and video. He actually had the real person in it. He handled his business in a professional manner and he informed me that he had family in Memphis, half of my family is in Memphis." (Lil Flip) Multi Platinum Artist

    Music is what got Monroe in the door with Lil Flip but once he got in Lil Flip was impressed with Monroe's overall hustle.

    "He told me how he was into acting and have 3 movies coming out. I always like working with artists who aren't lazy. I see Monroe as an entertainer. Some artists limit their fan base, he has a chance to reach all nationalities." (Lil Flip) Multi Platinum Artist

    When news broke that Lil Flip was joining the team, everyone knew how big the move was.

    "Lil Flip brings that Southern vibe that I love and we all know what he has brought to the music game. Monroe always is on his grind and I expected nothing less from him." (Joslyn James) Legendary Porn Star

    "I work with many big artists and this will be another step in the right direction. I look forward in collaborating with Lil Flip and create cloths he has never seen. We will definitely be pushing the envelope to create one of a kind pieces" (Bizzy B) CEO

    So here we are awaiting the remix record and music video live from Las Vegas featuring Lil Flip. Monroe was eager to not only take the song up a notch but the video as well. Las Vegas is known for the bright lights, 24 hour party central, the atmosphere and the city where everyone is about the dollar.

    "I knew as soon as I met Monroe that he was big time, before anyone told me who he was. He was real down to earth. I am not surprised Lil Flip linked up with Monroe and I expect more big name artist coming his way. Being a strip club DJ as well as a after hours DJ I get to work closely with many porn stars. I know Joslyn James will bring a sexual energy to the video. I can't wait to see the finished product. I see many big projects coming Monroe's way." (DJ Jesse James) World Famous Hustler Las Vegas in house DJ

    When Monroe was putting the project together he was preparing for a big splash. He move around town and make heavy moves in the most humble way. When you are around him he gives you a glimpse of his world. He is grateful for every blessing that he receives.

    "As far as Monroe telling me he was a fan, that showed me he didn't have a ego. In this business people hate to commend or show appreciation for their peers." (Lil Flip) Multi Platinum Artist

    As we close the chapter on the Joslyn James project get ready for an amazing encore. He came, he saw and he conquered.

    "I'm so pleased with the energy and results from this project. Lil Flip coming on board is epic. I can't even explain what that really means to me inside. Just to have someone work with me on that level is really just a blessing. When we first met he talked to me about the business, things he went through and just gave me advice that I took all in. He even gave me a pair of his "Star Rich" shoes that I will be wearing in the video. The second time I was with him he did the verse in front of me, it was inspiring just to watch him live on my record. I told him thanks for the validation because we all know what this will do for me. (Monroe)

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