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  • Manasi Walavalkar
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  • Founded in 2014, LIGHTAILING Co., Ltd is a cultural and imaginative toy company in China. Our company is professional in manufacturing high-quality custom-designed LIGHTAILING Lighting kit for every lego fans. Lightailing includes product development, manufacturing, and innovation. There are a series of professional lighting kit and Light accessories.
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  • Bricksmax: Buckle Up, LEGO: Bricksmax Launches Light Kit For London Bus 10258
  • BriksMax® chooses high-quality bit lights and cables to give your building block a sufficient brightness and fantastic look. Gives your LEGO® London Bus a new life. This light kit is designed for LEGO® London Bus 10258; You will feel amazing once you complete the installation.
  • Lighten up your Lego London Bus 10258 with the extensive lighting kit from BricksMax and create a souvenir of your London trip. This small yet detaile ...
  • April 10, 2019