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    Another term for pain is arthralgia and may occur in one or many joints. Joint pain may be as a result of many causes, including injury, tumor in the joints and infections. Whatever the cause, joint pain symptoms always have something to do with a great discomfort, meaning they manifest themselves in a way that they great affect the quality of life that one lives.

    The Main Symptoms
    Joint pain Symptoms always vary depending on what the cause of the condition is. Swelling and stiffness are common symptoms. The joints may also feel very warm when there is pain. Warmth occurs mainly in the case of inflammation and injury. The same joint symptoms can be used to define the scenario when an infection is the cause of the discomfort.

    The joints that have been affected many redden, swell and become very painful upon being lightly touched. In this case, it becomes very difficult to tell where the actual source of the pain is. Mobility of the joint becomes restricted by both pain and stiffness. When these symptoms occur, it is important that you visit a doctor for him to determine what the exact cause of your condition is.

    Diagnosis of joint pain symptoms canít take place until all symptoms have been considered. Many people believe that wear and tear is one of the ways in which we can explain joint pain symptoms, apart from injury and the serious rheumatoid arthritis condition. This understanding is helpful in determining the best type of treatment that is going to be adopted, let alone diagnosis.

    Rheumatoid is a serious autoimmune disorder that results in pain and stiffness at the joints. On the other hand, the best joint pain symptoms as a result of osteoarthritis come as a result of bone spurs that grow and cartilage degeneration that takes place in a joint. If you are over 45 years , you are more likely to be diagnosed with this condition compared to their younger counterparts.

    Diagnosis and Treatment
    The process of evaluating the pain is difficult not only in the joint pain symptoms definition but also in diagnosis. A detailed analysis of oneís medical history is needed in order for the most accurate diagnosis to be arrived at. Physical examination may be followed by several laboratory tests. The doctor might also request that several imaging tests be done. These might include CT, MRI and x-rays. These imaging procedures are an integral part of any joint evaluation and diagnosis of joint pain symptoms in arthritic conditions.

    Orthroscopy is a diagnostic procedure which involves insertion of a very small but flexible tube into the painful joint so as to examine the interior parts of the joint more closely. A small incision on the skin is needed for this test to be carried out.

    Upon diagnosis, treatment can follow. The treatment method that is adopted varies depending on the outcomes of diagnosis. Stretching exercises and massages are a common therapeutic procedure. They provide relief from the joint pain symptoms and are very crucial in enabling an individual go about daily activities without being bothered by too much pain which often leads to a lot of discomfort.

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