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  • "Don't let the size fool you. Momentum is like an iceberg," said Dan Hoover, Chief Operating Officer of Leaderclips. "What you see on the surface is just the very tip. Below the surface is where everything happens. Momentum can accommodate any size team, literally, and we have given a lot of power to the Team Leaders when it comes to customizing content for their teams."
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  • Leaderclips Announces the Release of Momentum - a Mobile Software System for the Network Marketing Industry
  • Leaderclips Inc., a leading online leadership development organization, announces the first release of Momentum, a robust system available on mobile devices that is designed to greatly enhance the growth and development of Professional Network Marketing organizations.
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Targeted at Teams within a Network Marketing Organization, Momentum provides a simple yet powerful way to create and mainta ...
  • May 06, 2015