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  • 17101 Kuykendahl Road
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  • ivorce is a difficult, stressful, and life-changing experience. You need a legal team that can help you wade through the complexities of resolving your family law case. The attorneys at Bryan Fagan & Associates can help you reach agreements with your spouse, obtain orders from the court for division of your community property, confirm and safeguard your separate property, arrange custody and visitation schedules, help determine the amount of child or spousal support, obtain protective orders or injunctive relief if necessary. Call us today for a consultation to begin process of this complex life transition.

    Our attorneys are experienced in representing high income and net worth individuals
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  • Houston Divorce Lawyers Announce the Launch of a New Website
  • The Houston divorce attorneys at The Law Offices of Bryan Fagan, are excited to announce the launch of their new website, http://www.faganlawfirm.com/.
  • This new site was designed to provide helpful information to individuals and families who are dealing with complex family law issues, ranging from pro ...
  • March 11, 2014