LaSean R Shelton Releases How About a Lifestyle Change

Top Quote Written by the compiling Author of "Congratulations! You Just Lost Your J.O.B!", "How About a Lifestyle Change" promises to address the addictive issues that many whisper about while those in need seek the support in order to change. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) August 28, 2015 - Wilmington, DE - The wait is finally over proclaims loyal fans of the highly anticipated book "How About a Lifestyle Change?"- Your 90 Day WHOLE-listic Transformation Guide.

    This book shares new insights, case studies and "lessons learned" from those that struggled from some form of addiction. The addictions depicted in this blazing hot book are:

    Shopping/ Financial Carelessness
    Being Institutionalized and
    "The Church"

    Readers will gain insight and means of developing ways to fortify their worth and seeking the inner natural high opposed to the outer fix many seek when placating the "void". There is something in this book that one can gain from each of these phases;

    Acceptance: Removing the Compulsions
    Realization: Rebuilding the Inside
    Reflection: Releasing the Transformed Lifestyle

    Shelton shows hope in each chapter and section of the book because Shelton stresses that there is "Glory in Every Story" which is the title of her follow up book.

    Since the release of LaSean's last book -- "Congratulations! You Just Lost Your J.O.B!", published back in 2014, a great deal has changed in worlds of those affected by the economy, joblessness, and uncertainty of their once predictable outcomes. Shelton stated the following:

    "We saw more affluent people with high standards faced in precarious situations to feast avoiding famine" due to the "Economic Crash" "Fall on Wall Street" and other dubious incidents that took place in the early 2000's.

    "An encouraging observation that was found showed populations once "written off" or said to be "lost" unmotivated" or destined to fail found themselves fighting even harder to stay afloat".

    It was said that they found help in the first blockbuster book, "Congratulations! You Just Lost Your J.O.B!"! The numerous videos, TV/radio interviews and platforms that many of the co-authors shared with greats like Les Brown, Dr. George E Frasier, Cheryl Wood, Lucinda Cross and Dr. Willie Jollie helped them with identifying their "WHY".

    That "WHY" gave them the efficacy to want more and do more-thus-starting more and more successful home-based businesses with companies like Total Life Changes (, Mary Kay just to name a couple.

    Shelton also saw the same silent suffering as it relates to attitudes and behaviors among many people that she knew or knew of including herself.

    She knew that there was an answer, especially with her being credentialed as an Expert in Substance Abuse, Mental Health Counseling, Family Counseling, and Vocational Counseling. Once an Axis is identified and diagnosed, help is quite possible.

    "Addiction is a silent epidemic that no one is comfortable about talking about because the stigma associated with it shows indefinite weakness and lack of control. It's like a person screaming with their mouths sewn shut while they are trying to dream with their eyes wide opened" quoted Shelton.

    Shelton who is not unfamiliar with controversial situations herself saw the need and opportunity to face the issues head on with her latest book "How About a Lifestyle Change"- Your 90 Day WHOLE-listic Transformation Guide

    "This new book speaks directly to many emerging issues of addiction inclusive of those that are more common including shopping, people pleasing, relationships, gambling, drugs/alcohol, sex, being institutionalized and over eating".

    Shelton even mentioned that drinking water can become addictive if one presents with a dangerous insatiable desire to do so resulting in negative consequences.

    In many ways, "addiction" as we once knew (drugs and alcohol) is an unfair assessment of what many in society are suffering from.

    She goes onto saying:

    "If you continue to do the same thing over and over and over again despite the negative consequences such as increased unhealthy weight, constant pain and suffering financially, mentally, emotionally, physically and extrinsically chances are there may be an addictive trait in what you are doing. Filling a void with something external is not the solution, rather to seek internal answers and accept unconditional supportive help is-but you have to want it more than anything in the world, find your WHY".

    Shelton is very careful not to call anyone an addict, she simply suggests that you look at the research and testimonies depicted in the book and make your own determination if you should seek support.

    Pre-release reviews have rolled in and this is what is being said:

    I believe this book contains much helpful information not only for addicts, but also for those who are simply stuck in many of the "ruts" we can get stuck in in life- Autumn Conley

    This book took me on an emotional journey, it did some good to my spirit as well as my soul it made me learn to accept some things and begin to learn to let go of a lot of others.- T. Kilpatrick

    I never in a million years thought that a book would address so many identifiable stories AND offer a solution while doing so. This is an International best seller waiting to be read, thank you so much for being brave enough and bold enough to show that addiction is far more than heroin, cocaine and alcohol but the self- defeating behaviors as you called it resulting in numerous negative outcomes. Greg Morris

    As a recovering addict, I was leery to take your challenge to read a book for a review offer. I really thought that you were going to beat up on those addicted and make it out for our necks. Instead, you showed that any and every one can fall in the grips of addiction and with care, compassion and help they can live a great life. - Rich Wilson

    These stories gave me chills and had me feverishly awaiting the next page. Masterpiece, brilliant and well crafted. Hope that you write a follow up Doc.- Sheryl Williamson

    In conjunction with book's release, Shelton will be conducting a series of webinars; Periscope feeds as well as accepting Speaking Engagements in the US and Abroad because she believes that sharing key material such as this book is vital for someone survival

    The first webinar will be held Tuesday September 1st, 2015 at 9pm (US Eastern Time).To learn more, please contact Ms. Shelton at haalcbook ( @ ) gmail dot com.

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