Large Corporations Have Jumped Onto A Dark Chocolate Band Wagon. They Say That Their Chocolate Is Healthy By Way Of Its Antioxidants. No Certification, No Laboratory Results, Nothing On Their Labels

Top Quote Today we are all besieged by large chocolate candy bar companies making grandiose antioxidant claims. Unfortunately, not one has labelled the quality of their candy bars by stating its ORAC value. ORAC is a number the USDA has assigned to inform consumers as to the amount of antioxidants. It begs the question; Why not and who will be the first. This charade is about over and I for one am glad. End Quote
    QuoteNot all chocolate is equal. The higher the ORAC, the smarter the chocolate.Quote
  • West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, FL (1888PressRelease) May 01, 2008 - Dark chocolate is an extraordinary food. The seed of a fruit so it is actually a nut. If eaten raw this food is called cacao. Cacao could be the most nutrient dense and the healthiest food on the planet. However its history, like that of a wayward lost child needs to be told. Exploited by Europeans in the 17th century, they altered cacao into what we call chocolate. Adding sugars, alkali and heat they changed the planets greatest food into junk.

    This process is called " Dutching" and leaves the cacao drenched of its wellness properties. The consumer today believes that healthy chocolate is determined by the % of cocoa. To be abundantly clear, the consumer is being fooled. Healthy chocolate has flavonals, tannins, OPCs and phytonutrients. In order to buy wisely the consumer needs to know the ORAC of the chocolate bar. Only those chocolate bars which are made to be healthy will label this on its product. In fact this holds true for any product. Show me the ORAC if you want to be considered a healthy antioxidant.

    Today, we have but a few chocolates that will inform the consumer of this important USDA number. Xocai is a chocolate bar that not only tells the consumer its ORAC value but also has it certified by Brunswick Laboratory. When one speaks of healthy dark chocolate, the name Xocai must be mentioned. Eat as you like, just do not be fooled. Not all chocolate is equal.

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