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  • Dr. P. Tehranian
  • 407 Blackpool road, Ashton, Preston
  • Phone: 01772726932
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  • Lane Ends Aesthetic & Implant Centre has been serving in and around Preston area with high quality, advanced technology and pain-free general and family dental care services.for more information visit us on Facebook
Lane Ends Dental Practice Press Release -

  • Preston dentist at Lane Ends Dental Practice Brings Pain Free Dentistry, the Holy Grail of Gentle Dental Care
  • When new patients visit a dentist for the first time they are frequently worried that treatment will hurt. The reassurance from the dentist is usually viewed very sceptically. Previous dentists have also reassured them that "this won't hurt" and then proceeded to do just that. Why should they believe a new dentist? After all, all dentists are the same - aren't they?
  • Pain free dentistry or gentle and caring dental care should come natural and as an integrated part of any dental treatment, it should never be an opti ...
  • February 20, 2012 
  • New Stem Cell Technology Grows Implant Teeth, Right in Your Mouth - Will Dental Implants Bite the Dust
  • For the first time scientists have regenerated a biological tooth within the oral cavity using stem cell development, suggesting a possible cheaper alternative to dentures or implants for adults who have lost some or all of their teeth.
  • Tooth loss has a profound impact on the lives of people, it can be disabling as it is usually associated with an elderly population. It's easy to unde ...
  • January 03, 2012