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  • Neeraj Mehendale
  • 8th Floor, Amar Arma Genesis Opp. Sapphire Chambers, Baner Road, Baner, Pune 411045,India, Unit 4301, 60 E Monroe St, Chicago IL 60603, USA
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  • At kPoint, we strive to make videos engaging!

    Videos are increasingly used by individuals and corporations to communicate across geographies and time to overcome resource constraints. The existing videos enable passive one way communication, have high lead time to create rich videos, are difficult to promote in search engines and support limited analytics. Our vision is to take videos beyond passive viewing by making them fully searchable, interactive and richer. At kPoint, we are constantly working on improving the way videos are created, presented, distributed and consumed.

    kPoint Technologies is incubated by GS Lab.
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