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  • Shubhada Bhave
  • D2 / 206 ,Sahar Road ,Andheri east, Kalpita Enclave
  • Phone: 9769661537
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  • Kids Inteligence,working for Future Starts of Nation.yes..! For Kids but not only for kids to create the best future of kids ,"Kids Inteligence" believe that Parent & Teachers are the pillars.And Kids Inteligence help Parents & on the mission to create "Expert Teachers"

    On another side , Kids Inteligence supporting women who really want to do something but dont know what to do or how to do. KI is helping them to start their own coaching centers from their home in professional manner .

    KI has strong supportive team to help every woman to startup at her own.
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  • Woman Enterprenuer "EXPERT ABACUS TRAINER" ready to MAKE YOU "EXPERT ABACUS TEACHER" and Start working from Home without Huge Investment
  • After 9 years of coaching business I realized , going outside and creating professional business setups is not every time possible for every women because of her family oriented Nature.And there Businesswomen in every women stops working and using her potential.We Help woman to use her potential for her own identity & for her family.Become Expert Abacus Teacher & start your business from home.
  • After having her first baby , she realized that, now she need to spend time with her baby in house for her best upbringing. and she was not able to gi ...
  • December 06, 2018