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  • Jana O Neal
  • 490 West Arrow Hwy, Suite B
  • Phone: 9093050007
  • URL:
  • Kelley Baker is a makeup artist turned brow expert and celebrity brow artist. In addition to her unparalleled talents and unique brow shaping technique, Kelley has expanded her brand to include a social media maven and beauty product development specialist.

    Regularly engaging with fans and clients, posting photos on social media, providing tips and tutorials on her social channels and teaching master classes across the country, Kelley has become one of the most sought after arch artists in the industry and has been revered in the press by outlets including VOGUE, InStyle, PeopleStyle, PopSugar and Cosmopolitan amongst others.
Kelley Baker Beauty Press Release -

  • Kelley Baker Announces the Launch of Her New & Improved Website
  • Kelley Baker, the brow and beauty icon you know and love, is proud to announce the launch of her new and improved website,
  • The new platform focuses on you! We wanted to provide you with not only a beautiful representation of Kelley’s growth as a brand but to create a place ...
  • May 16, 2020