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  • Joseph Fisher
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  • Phone: 080-7515-0518
  • URL: https://gogetfunding.com/abcs-sending-out-an-sos/
  • A small family owned English conversation school based in Japan. We offer high quality, low-cost enjoyable English language lessons for children on up to adults and companies. Our motto of acquiring English naturally is exercised daily with our children's classes via all of the things kids love- music, games, role-play, art, dance and technology. With our adults and companies, we provide a strong foundation in the English language and cultural basics relevant to what their individual or group goals are. These are all based on the language and culture as it is currently, and not on some outdated textbook from 40 years ago.
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  • ABCs Sending Out an S.O.S.
  • Social distancing, limitations on gatherings and non-essential group activities becoming a liability- Ingles School of English has taken a hard hit that it's becoming more and more difficult to recover from without additional assistance. Please help here if you can, or share the link! https://gogetfunding.com/abcs-sending-out-an-sos/
  • Ingles School of English was born, and we've been providing quality, low-cost English conversation lessons to children, adults and companies for over ...
  • February 17, 2021