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  • Mike Kastle is a servant of the Lord, from the United States, called to minister to unreached people in closed countries. The nature of this work requires privacy, so the name Mike Kastle is a pseudonym (pen name) so as to maintain anonymity. Throughout years of ministry, Mike observed that many of us may have a sense that God has called us to serve Him, whether this may be in full-time service or in specific and practical ways in everyday life. But, we may sometimes be unsure and ask %u201Cexactly how do I walk in this calling?%u201D and %u201Cwhen do I begin?%u201D Servants & Spies will be the first book to be released in a series by Mike Kastle.
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  • SERVANTS & SPIES Exploits from the Covert Mission Field
  • Mike Kastle, Attorney from North Carolina, Details the Powerful Story of His Journey From Corporate America to the Covert Mission Field in Communist Countries.
  • On August 25, 2020, Tall Pine Books will release Servants & Spies, the first installment of a nonfiction series by Mike Kastle, showing, by example, h ...
  • August 25, 2020