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  • Kristin McCabe
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  • Kristin started K McCabe Publishing to self-publish her book. Kristin and her husband Mike live in Plainville with their six year old daughter Mackenzie and three year old son Cameron.Both children enjoy reading Peek-a-Bunny: An Easter Tradition %u200B and have been the biggest supporters of the endeavor so far!
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  • Move Over Elf on the Shelf, There is a New Easter Tradition in Town
  • Peek-a-Bunny: An Easter Tradition is a new Easter book/bunny set that kids are falling in love with across the country.
  • Plainville, MA - Massachusetts Momtrepreneur starts new Easter Tradition. Peek-a-Bunny: An Easter Tradition ​ was published in 2017. This book i ...
  • September 29, 2018