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  • Judy Myers
  • 75 Perry Street #320 Redwood City, Ca.
  • Phone: 650-861-1708
  • URL: http://www.judymyers2016.com.
  • Judy V Hillary--an historic moment to be placed in the record books, while politicians and political parties have become obsolete.

    Judy is Silicon Valley's beacon and treasure as a visionary to be taken seriously, a revolutionary with a global perspective, enhanced by her experiences as a Military brat, living all over the world, combined with 45 years of business experience and health and wellness contributions, a force for good.

    Her high school years at Frankfurt American High School,( many politicians, war heroes, and Hollywood celebrities, Julianne Moore, Kris Kristofferson, Faye Dunaway, Ryan O'Neal.

    Judy is looking for a campaign manager, Treasurer, Digital Techs, immediately.
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  • Silicon Valley's Own Presidential Candidate 2016 An Historical Challenge - Judy V Hillary
  • A Serial Entrepreneur, Innovator, and Disrupter, Changes the 2016 Presidential Electoral Process Via Her Third Party. Judy Myers, launches 2016 PRESIDENTIAL EXPLORATORY COMMITTEE, says, "It's amazing how the U.S. went from the generation that won a world war to a generation of crybabies having nothing better to do than go after white cops, call everyone racists and burn historic, American flags.
  • Judy goes on to say, "America is in a "Social Revolution" and it is now apparent that the Democratic, Republican, and "Tea-Parties" are no longer capa ...
  • July 22, 2015