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  • Dr Dan Doyle
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  • Jody's Got Your Cadillac
    A Funny and Sexy Adventure with Jody, Our Seductive Enemy.
    http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00W0M0DYY Only $2.99.

    Jody%u2019s Got Your Cadillac is a funny, sexy and romantic novel based on a true story that starts in 1968 - the era of free love, great music and crazy protest movements that polarize the nation.

    Three teens, Rowdy, Big Owl and Easy work in the western Colorado cherry harvest. Rowdy is fired after a terrifying tractor wreck and the adventure begins when they meet the Knutson sisters - Dove, Stormy and Alala.

    Dove and Rowdy fall madly in love. At her urging, Rowdy and Big Owl drop out of high school to join the Army as %u2018Warriors for God%u2019 against the Vietna
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