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Jago Information
  • Clifton Flack
  • Phone: 0203 734 7764
  • URL: http://www.jago.nu
  • Mobile App Development focusing on the needs of parents. Playdate by Jago is the first in a series of applications begin produced and rolled out. With bases in both Israel and the UK, the company is well placed to deliver on it's promise of creating single purpose applications to rule them all!
Jago Press Release -


  • Playdate by Jago, Finally a Parenting App That Does What It Say's
  • One App to Rule them All. Playdate by Jago is live (beta) empowering parents to schedule and manage kids social lives from within a single purpose application. No more noise from other applications, no more noise from demanding children!
  • Playdate by Jago has been developed by parents for parents. Promising to give parents the power to schedule and manage social arrangements with minimu ...
  • October 14, 2014