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  • Irene Silberstein
  • 5, farm court Main street, Elmley-castle, Pershore Worcestershire
  • Phone: 44 701-702-6815
  • URL:
  • Information Strategies Key Intangible Value (i.S.k.i.v.) Ltd, a women-owned business, is an Internet and information consulting team with a long track record of real-life and effective solutions. With a combined expertise as consultant that dates back to 1993, Irene and Rachel bring a strong knowledge in information and market research, content creation, content design and writing, web design and creative marketing and address an endless variety of use cases: retail store, service-rich intranet, public information, consultant, performing arts, publisher, intangible products... Our unconventional approach of Content and e-Business Strategy help create value for customers and visitors alike.
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  • Newly launched iSkiv Ltd Design and E-business Website
  • The english based internet and information consulting team iSkiv has a long track record of real-life and effective solutions "Redesigning website has been an enriching experience, as we moved to a different vision of our business. We well know how to explore the universes of our clients. Doing the assessment for our own business was full of hazards!" says Irene Silberstein.
  • To explain the core business of iSkiv ltd, Irene Silberstein says "we are an Internet and information consulting team, with a long track record of rea ...
  • April 06, 2017