Is Your Chocolate Cooked? And What Does That Me Mean To You? Is There A Health Consequence Between Eating Cooked Chocolate Or Raw Dark Organic Chocolate? Consumer Beware!

Top Quote Chocolate is the seed of the cacao tree. This seed is very bitter and for hundreds of years has been heated, "Dutched" and cooked. This offsets its superfood qualities. Raw, chocolate posseses one of the highest antioxidant ratings and high flavenol content. It interacts with vitamins C and E to make them stronger and more efficient. We have a few healthy dark chocolates...Let's talk about it. End Quote
    Quote"Raw and Alive" whenever possible. Chocolate that is cooked is wasted calories. Raw dak organic chocolate is nutrient dense and delicious. "Xocai"Quote
  • West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, FL (1888PressRelease) March 26, 2008 - Today we have many choices to make when we purchase our foods. I would like to explore the option of choosing healthy dark raw chocolate over cooked chocolate.
    Raw chocolate represents one of natures greatest foods. The seed of the cacao tree is naturally bitter. In medicine there is an expression "the more bitter the more better". High in magnesium, flavenols and antioxidants some say it is one of the greatest anti-aging foods. The anti-aging theory has to do with chocolates' capacity to deactivate free radicals. Because free radicals are always scavenging for replacement electrons, they are constantly damaging and destroying the cells around them. In fact, each of our body's cells is attacked by free radicals thousands of times in every hour of every day. If those free radicals are not neutralized, a chain reaction of cell damage will continue that can result in improper cell function and even cell death. Oxidative damage appears to be linked to diseases associated with premature aging such as skin damage, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lung disease, autoimmune dysfunction, and other devastating chronic diseases and conditions over time.

    Our bodies' natural ability to fight off free radicals diminishes as we get older. Our stress levels, as well as our health and diet habits, can also play a huge role in our ability to prevent and control oxidation. However, antioxidants found in various plant-based foods, especially those in dark chocolate, can neutralize free radicals and slow down the aging process. Antioxidants are nature's ultimate super-protection against aging and disease.

    Antioxidants to the Rescue! Raw chocolate has one of Natures highest antioxidant ratings. The secret to keeping it potent is not cooking it over 104 degrees F.

    It is my opinion that the closer we get to natural and unprocessed the healthier we can become.

    There are very few healthy chocolates for the consumer to choose. Most manufacturers cook the pytonutrients right out of their chocolate. I have found that "Xocai" is a chocolate that is the answer. There is great value in this product and I would ask that you give it a try. As always the choice is yours; Xocai and healthy or cooked and deficient. Xocai, "It's a smarter chocolate".

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