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  • Kelly Meloche
  • 203-3063 Walker Rd. Windsor, Ontario
  • Phone: 519-736-0189
  • URL: http://www.ihcproviders.com
  • We are a dedicated group of professionals who connect Canadians with accredited world class medical facilities. IHP provides timely customized access to responsive medical care, with support throughout the process. Our 'bumper to bumper' service model assists patients with all their health care needs. In most cases IHP can have the patient in the care of a specialist within two weeks. Our menu of facilitationsservices ranges from consultations, diagnostics to surgical procedures. We also offer fertility and cosmetic procedures.
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  • Indiana Orthopedic Hospital (IOH) rolls out red carpet for Canadian Orthopaedic Patients
  • In response to the wait times Canadians are forced to endure for health care procedures, Indiana Orthopedic Hospital has tailored their Orthopaedic expertise to make it easy and affordable for Canadians to get the health care they deserve...without the wait.
  • International Health Care Providers Inc. (IHP) announced today that Indiana Orthopedic Hospital has joined the company's healthcare provider partnersh ...
  • August 10, 2010