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  • Daniel Farrell
  • 5674 Marquesas Circle Sarasota, FL
  • Phone: 941-306-2764
  • URL:
  • IntaCloud, a construction services firm with strong cloud computing technology supporting their PLM services for large commercial construction projects, provides our clients with real time site metrics anywhere in the world. IntaCloud is focused on improving work site logistics by stopping payroll leakage, increasing profitability, and increasing site safety.
Intacloud Inc. Press Release -

  • IntaCloud Announces the Release of its Project Logistics Management Services for Commercial Construction
  • IntaCloud announces Project Logistics Management (PLM) supporting the commercial construction industry. Payroll leakage is costing commercial contractors over 10% of payroll. PLM with its combination of personnel and state of the art proprietary software as a service stops payroll leakage and creates a safer work site.
  • Sarasota, Florida - IntaCloud is announces today the release of Project Logistics Management (PLM). PLM uses a combination of personnel and state of ...
  • January 20, 2010