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  • Leonardo Verropoulos
  • Osteuropa-Institut, Garystraße 55 Raum 201D
  • Phone: 3083851903
  • URL: http://www.oei.fu-berlin.de/osteuropa-in-berlin/index.html
  • The Institute for East European Studies, founded in 1951, is an interdisciplinary regional institute housed at the Freie Universität Berlin. Here on the Dahlem Campus, the Institute%u2019s teaching, research, and advising reflect the dynamics of the numerous transformation processes currently underway in the eastern part of our continent. Eastern Europe is a heterogeneous, conflict-ridden, and %u2013 due to the expansion of the European Union %u2013 very important region full of issues and challenges. Berlin is the best place to study them.
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  • Since the fall of its world-renowned Wall, Berlin has busied itself with becoming one of the most stimulating creative and political centres in Europe ...
  • April 26, 2016