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"Inprocom goes well beyond the brief."
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Kathleen Molnar
8 Holly Village,
London, Camden, United Kingdom N66QJ
Phone: 07973510866
FAX: 02072722894
What Makes us Different?
Why me?

I am a strong spirited personality, relaxed on the outside, professional under the skin; rich in experience, fresh in creative thought / deed, generosity of spirit and fun.

My work demands a focused understanding of the tender process; this is the currency by which I exist.

Individually motivated, I understand the value of working cross-functionally, highly respectful of the team.

I possess an oddly appealing infusion of down to earth sophistication with a fierce sense of humanity / humility.

My pioneering streak dares me to entice, encourage and embrace challenge, change and commitment.
Company Information
No. of full-time employees: 3
Promotional Offers
Inprocom develops one-off campaigns often complementing and supporting existing
Inprocom - Company Description
InProCom is a public relations and marketing communications consultancy based in London.

We develop cleverly crafted and realistically budgeted campaigns that market people places and products and communicate their messages to those that need to know.

From strategy to execution we help clients
Raise profiles
Improve respect from existing customers
Gain invaluable press coverage
Shine above competitors
Impress potential investors
Increase business growth

We create, develop and manage in many cases, complex communications and marketing systems and solutions.

We are often asked to help clients address their business challenges, realise the opportunities and feel the financial reward.

This is achieved by sharing professional skill, curiosity, emotional intelligence and integrity.
David Turner
Pythagoras International Ltd.

"InProCom became PR consultants to Pythagoras International Limited during the latter part of 1999 and quickly formed a valuable professional relationship through assimilating knowledge and understanding of our objectives, processes and software support that enables them to promote us with conviction to their extensive media and other contacts. Hard working and free thinking in their approach to promoting Pythagoras, InProCom has in a short period of time successfully secured access to the media in a structured way that I feel confident will establish our profile in the corporate real estate and wider business community"

Alan White
BT Property

"InProCom acted as PR consultants to BT Property for four years during which time they promoted our expanding operational corporate real estate business, both UK and internationally. With their assistance, we have succeeded in establishing a strong profile in the corporate real estate world."

Dave Hammers
Executive Vice President, Liberty Property Trust

"InProCom offered Kings Hill a communications programme integrating public relations, marketing and promotions. This was during a period of the development when creativity was essential. They provided us with a clear strategy, which included an invaluable network of contacts worldwide as well as media contacts. This was certainly an example of professional people with a knowledge of the market along with a will to be innovative assuring the formula for success."

David Stillman
Flack + Kurtz (UK) Ltd.

"InProCom provided us with a cost effective project based Business Development programme. This included the identification of potential new business opportunities, the coordination of marketplace intelligence and organisation of presentation meetings. There is no doubt their communication skills and professional yet personable style integrated successfully with Flack + Kurtz' expertise to entice."
Key Clients
London & Continental Railways, The British Library, LionsDen, Harland & Voss, Rhueart
Inprocom - Additional Information
Itís important to note that all our clients benefit from our extensive international network of experts in business planning, corporate relations and media relations.

In other words, we have contacts virtually everywhere

Inprocom operates with the sophistication of a major marketing communications company without the considerable disadvantages. The result is a highly professional yet personal service. Our team composition is client bespoke and responsive to activities to be implemented and particular expertise required.

Itís also relevant to point out that we probably wouldnít last a day in this business without our sometimes irreverence, sense of humour and remarkably thick skin.
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