Innovo Publishing LLC Releases My Jonah Journey: Developing an Attitude of Gratitude by Linda M. Brandt

Top Quote Innovo Publishing LLC released My Jonah Journey: Developing an Attitude of Gratitude, a real-life story of Linda's victory over personal tragedy. This book is available now in the U.S., Europe, and Asia in paperback, hardback, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iPad/iPhone, Google Android, and other smartphone editions. End Quote
    Quote. . . a miraculous story of transformation and triumphQuote
  • Memphis, TN-AR-MS (1888PressRelease) June 10, 2013 - Innovo Publishing LLC released a new Christian title, My Jonah Journey, written by Linda M. Brandt. My Jonah Journey: Developing an Attitude of Gratitude is the true story of Linda M. Brandt's triumphant journey through a series of Job-like, catastrophic experiences: the tragic death of her thirty-two-year-old son, the discovery of a rare brain tumor and the precarious surgery that followed, the horrendous episode of spinal meningitis, and then her own near-death experience. For four minutes and with doctors working frantically, Linda lay heart-stopped and unbreathing on a cold hospital table next to the MRI tunnel where her son, Scottie, had been sent to bring her home. But God had other plans . . .

    In My Jonah Journey, Linda M. Brandt shares her three-year "Jonah journey," describing how she replaced fear and despair with an attitude of gratitude as she learned to walk again, to drive, to paint, to undertake normal day-to-day activities, and then finally to do them alone. Of course, Linda is the first to say she never really was alone. Doctors told her, "We never see people like you again. They just go into their houses and go away." But because of God's grace, Linda's was a different journey. My Jonah Journey: Developing an Attitude of Gratitude will inspire even the most skeptical among us and reveal the One who loves us very, very much.

    "We all need the words of inspired wisdom that Linda Brandt shares in My Jonah Journey. Linda reminds us that God has made each of us precious. We are amazingly lovely through the lens of His love. We need to love ourselves and see ourselves through His lens. Linda's story is eloquent, powerful, and inspiring-a must-read miraculous story of transformation and triumph."
    -Dr. Walter West, Senior Pastor, Anastasia Baptist Church, Saint Augustine, FL

    "My Jonah Journey is written with love and inspiration. Linda refers to Jonah's story from the Bible as she reflects upon her own life and her own journey. This story is a clear view of Linda's love for life and her will to survive. Her triumphs are re-enforced in her beautiful colored artwork. My Jonah Journey is filled with enthusiasm for life, family, dedication, and the pursuit of happiness, regardless of life's challenges. Tragedy to triumph is what it is all about!"
    -Lisa Eva Gold, author of A Will to Survive, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

    "Linda Brandt's compelling story about her brain tumor surgery followed by spinal meningitis and a near-death experience shows her love for, and faith in, God. She shares her strong belief that it was with and through God that she was healed and was able to once again pick up her brushes and begin painting. Her "attitude of gratitude" is a lesson from which we can each take strength as we confront our challenges."
    -Evelyn Kahrs, author of spiritual books for children

    My Jonah Journey is available now in the U.S. and internationally in paperback (ISBN: 978-1-61314-145-8), hardback (ISBN: 978-1-61314-138-0), Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iPad/iPhone, Google Android, and other smartphone editions.

    About the Author:
    Linda M. Brandt is a Christian, wife, mother, author, and renowned artist with an undeniable love for God and life. Against all odds and medical prognoses, Ms. Brandt not only survived brain surgery, spinal meningitis, and a near-death experience, but she thrived, regaining full physical and mental function, including her remarkable skills as a world-renowned artist whose paintings have been displayed from Paris to London and from New York City to Laguna Beach. In this new book, My Jonah Journey: Developing an Attitude of Gratitude, Ms. Brandt presents her miraculous story along with stunning original artwork she created to illustrate her journey.

    About Innovo Publishing LLC:
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