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  • Innova Research is a market research and consulting firm focusing on emerging technologies. With the combination of both technology and market research experts, we offer world-class market and technology intelligences.
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  • China's innovation eco-system is set to improve, bringing large opportunities to multinational companies
  • While the Chinese government stressed 'innovation' and 'entrepreneurship' as the themes to address the economic growth in next decades, solid progresses are expected to improve the country's innovation ecosystem. Vast opportunities are open to multinational companies, investors, technology brokers globally.
  • Innova Research recently won a bidding for a research project sponsored by Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholar's Association (SORSA). The project, name ...
  • June 09, 2015
  • Intelligent Sports Comes Closer to the Chinese Market
  • What is new in CES Asia 2015? Innova Research predicts that intelligent sports related market will grow to scale in China before long.
  • Innova Research recently visited CES Asia 2015, the first CES exhibition held in Shanghai, China. Although the show was not large in terms of the numb ...
  • June 02, 2015