Indie Boxing Comic Book Story Release and NYC Concert Invite- Taking a Future NYC By Storm on 11.8. Release Party Event Invite

Top Quote Victor Rojas, Comic Book Creator, Illustrator and Boxing Coach releases Takashi the Wanderer on Indiegogo and organizes an event concert for the title song, Takashi on 11/8 NYC. End Quote
    QuoteI created Takashi because I wanted a superhero who was more hero and less super - a real hero who could use his hands to win. - Artist,Victor RojasQuote
  • (1888PressRelease) October 23, 2019 - In a post-apocalyptic future NYC, tribes and warlords control a decimated Earth. With most satellites destroyed, modern weapons are rendered useless (fingerprint locked ID weapons, drones). Civilization goes back to a time where brutal, physical force takes ownership of humanity.

    Meet Takashi Langford (TAKASHI (武): Japanese name meaning "fierce, violent," hence "warrior.")– a lone surviving Monk of the order of Pugilism (western boxing), our wanderer who goes up against these ruthless tribes and overcomes the lawless state after many trials and tribulations found in the story.

    Takashi is the central character of this new Indiegogo comic book release by creator, illustrator and NYC Boxing Coach, Victor Rojas, entitled "Takashi the Wanderer." found here:

    The book is already receiving attention from top comic book resources such as Bleeding Cool who covered the story a its Indiegogo inception:

    For the video trailer release on Indiegogo, Victor Rojas asked local NYC rock band, Silent Fury and its lead singer and lyricist, JazzRock, to write an original anthem for the lead character. The song, 'Takashi the Anthem" will be played in a Takashi comic book release party in NYC on 11/8 at Local live rock music hotspot Gussy's. Tickets to the show which include a purchase of the book and a signed poster are available on Indiegogo on the Perk , Takashi's Punk Rock Night at Gussy's: All local boxing news and comic books news media are invited as guests of the artist. There will be a meet and greet the artist at the end of the Silent Fury set.

    Takashi the Wanderer Story Overview:

    Takashi wanders the future NYC looking for answers. He gets direction and glimpses of these answers in his dreams.

    Out of necessity, Takashi works for room & board on the farm of Ms. Page (his love interest) Because of a past debt the ruling tribe tries to cause harm to her and her daughter Maggie. Takashi finds himself in the role of protector using his abilities as a boxer (which has not been ever seen in this new world because all forms of structured fighting have died with the past). He has several bloody fights with tribes in his effort to keep the girls safe.

    With Takashi’s 2nd encounter with the tribe being a failure (Ms. Page and Maggie have become property of Vlad, Tribe leader and Master Villain of the story), Takashi is left nearly dead in the Forest of Flushing Meadows. A Master of the Staff, Vidar (his Obi-Wan Kenobi) steps in and saves Takashi from certain death. After Takashi recovers from his injuries in a faster than normal pace, he realizes he can’t keep wandering and needs to stay to rescue Ms. Paige and Maggie from a life of slavery at the hands of Vlad.

    While Takashi and Vidar are trying to find Vlad’s compound, they encounter an allied tribe. After beating them at battle, during an interrogation, they get key information about Maggie being taken property of by another warlord and her exact whereabouts. Takashi and Vidar set off to find her.

    Vidar and Takashi, traveling through the dried up east river, come upon the other Warlord’s caravan and intercept it. Finding Maggie and other children aboard, they quickly use their fighting skills to take over the men and rescue the kids. Takashi tells Vidar to take them to a safe place while he uses the caravan to sneak into Vlad’s compound in the Village of Bay Ridge.

    Once Takashi gets inside Vlad’s compound 100 men face him. As part of his religion, he is taught not to fear death in battle and willingly moves forward to engage in the impossible fight. Vidar steps in at the last moment to help Takashi, but dies in the process. The death of his friend moves Takashi to dig deep to overtake all 100 men.

    After defeating 100 men, there is only 1 left. Takashi gets the showdown he has been waiting for – with Vlad.

    Vlad, a hybrid human who gains his energy from the Sun, is super Human. Even so, Takashi’s skills in this fight against Vlad overtake him, He is winning, but then Vlad lures Takashi into a trap where a mechanism impales Takashi with 3 spears. Emily Paige screaming and watching as this goes on.

    As Takashi fades into the blackness of death, he sees his high priest, The Abbott, his main teacher in the pugilistic arts, who he regularly sees in his dreams (and flashbacks). The Abbott explains to Takashi that he is not Human; that he was created by the ‘Order of the Pugilists” as the last vessel of their knowledge. They had foreseen the world going back to a barbaric time. For all the world’s greatest boxing and martial art teachers were destroyed in the Holocaust. The Abbott explains to Takashi that all his cells are genetically engineered nanobot technology, this is why he heals so quickly and why he is so durable. He tells him that his body is going to go into a hyper recuperative drive in which he will have 3 minutes(1 boxing round) to defeat Vlad. As a parting message, The Abbott tells him that if he sustains any more injuries after the 3 min his body wont recuperate and he will die.

    Back in real time, Vlad is about to decapitate Takashi. Before he can do it, Takashi gets up takes the spears out and defeats him within the 3 min at which he dies in the arms of Ms. Paige.

    Emily reunited with Maggie. They have buried Takashi in a tomb by their farm. Last panel you see is Ms. Paige asking Maggie if she can put fresh flowers on Takashi's grave. She's says yes she did that earlier. You see flowers …tomb empty.

    About Victor Rojas, Takashi the Wanderer Artist & Creator
    Victor Rojas, an SVA grad from NYC has been illustrating and character designing for other emerging projects and books for several years. This his is first fully concepted book. He did all the charachter creation, pencil , coloring and wriHe has been employed as a USA Boxing coach for over 10 years to pay his bills so that he could then create this 22 page book. You can watch his interview on the Indiegogo 2nd video here

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