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Ikf Technologies Information
  • Kabir Khandelwal
  • Plot No. XI - 16, Main Block, Block - EP & GP, Sector 5, 2nd Floor,Rashmi Building, Salt Lake City,
  • Phone: 03323572610
  • URL: https://www.ikf-technologies.com
  • IKF Technologies Ltd is a Public Limited Company incorporated in the year 2000 with the main objective of promoting IT, ITES and subsequently entered into the spheres of Telecom in 2008. This fast-growing company has maintained its leadership status in catalysing renaissance in Indian ITES/IT arena. IKF offers a complete package where customers not only receive software applications but also embolden their knowledgebase manifold, wherein they can even redesign their business vision and product offerings to their customers.
Ikf Technologies Press Release -


  • IKF Technologies Announces Q1 Result
  • Net Revenues increased to Rs. 1074.26 Lakhs as compared to Net Revenue of Rs. 856.48 Lakhs in the corresponding quarter of June, 2013.
  • Records a net profit of Rs. 19.84 Lakhs for the 1st Quarter, 2014.

    IKF Technologies Ltd. Financials at a Glance (Rs. Lakhs.)
  • August 14, 2014